The God of all possibilities. 01/31/14 (Morning thought)

Mark 9:23 Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

This passage of scripture contains a critically important truth we should all live by. It was given in response to the earnest and desperate cries of a father, whose son was possessed by a devil. As a last resort, he came to Jesus, asking for help, for he had exhausted every other available means of getting help for his son. After explaining the dire situation to Christ, he then added his urgent plea saying "if thou canst do any thing, have compassion on us, and help us". Then Jesus responded by stating an all important truth for all people who put their trust in God. He said "all things are possible to him those who believe". In our modern world, there seems to be a trend towards limiting possibilities to scientific research and discoveries. While these are good in their legitimate sphere, we are advised not to set boundaries, parameters, or limits on what God can do. God is not limited by the laws of physics, genetics or chemistry as we know them. By his omnipotent power, he is able to bring resolution to the most difficult and incomprehensible situations. But we must believe. A good friend of mine once had a very desperate situation to deal with. A relatively new vehicle that was being worked on at his shop could not be started after work was performed on it. The owner of the vehicle was present and refused to leave the premises without his vehicle. They tried for several hours to find the problem, but just couldn't figure out what went wrong. At last, when it was approaching midnight, he called and asked me if I would come and take a look at the vehicle, to see if we could brainstorm the problem together. Before I arrived, the Lord reminded me to pray, "for all things are possible to those who believe". When I had made it to the shop, I immediately opened the hood to see if there was anything out of place. Everything was intact, for it was a relatively new supercharged diesel engine. I then closed the hood and went aside to pray, while the owner of the vehicle waited impatiently. After prayer, I went to the vehicle, turned the key and without doing anything else, the truck revved to life. The owner of the shop and the owner of the vehicle literally flew out to where the vehicle stood, idling perfectly. They asked me several times, excitedly, what was done to get it running, to which I replied "God is the one who started it". We then thanked the Lord for his loving kindness towards us, and that experience has made an indelible  impression on our minds. The same God who started the truck can get your life started too. There isn't any problem too difficult for God to solve, but we must not limit Him in our minds. It is necessary for us to believe in Him, for belief is a prerequisite for unlocking the limitless possibilities he is able to accomplish by His omnipotent power. God bless!