The Bible tells us that God's will for us is that we prosper and be in health, even as our souls prosper, and in order that His will for us might be fulfilled in every aspect, the Lord gave us diet and exercise from the beginning of time, so that we may live life to the fullest. The diet that He gave to the human family originally consisted of fruit, nuts and grains, and after sin entered, vegetables were added because were were in need of disease fighting nutrients. Exercise was also given to us when He ordained that Adam and Eve should dress and keep the garden of Eden, thereby ensuring active physical labor everyday except on the Sabbath.

In our day we are in dire need of both, and as a way to help in the dissemination of sound principles and instructions as it pertains to diet and exercise, we are going to show methods, ways and means whereby exercise can be done safely and efficiently for all age groups. It will take a considerable amount of time to produce and upload all of the information, but by the grace of God we are endeavoring to make it available to the general public.

Most people work out in a gym of some sort and therefore many of the exercises will include machines that can be found in most gyms. We have experimented with many various exercise regimens over the course of approximately thirty-five years, and we've come up with what should be a very effective way of building and maintaining strength and endurance, while also incorporating aerobic activity that is good for the heart. Today however we are going to demonstrate the method of using short repetitions in bench press, preacher curls, dips, and pullups.

The short reps should not cover a distance of more than three or four inches, at the lowest point in the exercise range, and several repetitions should be done in order to pump lots of blood into the area being worked out. You should always consult your physician before starting any exercise regimen, and as a general rule of thumb, you should also begin with light weight so that your body can get accustomed to increasing workloads. So let's take a look!