[1] We believe that God is the supreme ruler of the universe, and that he created the earth in six literal days.

[2] We believe that God sent his son Jesus Christ to redeem the human family; that he died and rose again, and is now in heaven completing the final work of the redemption process.

[3] We believe that all Ten Commandments are still binding upon man, and are still relevant to modern society, even though recent developments tend to lean to the contrary.

[4] We believe in the biblical method of baptism by immersion.

[5] We believe that only God alone can forgive sins, and that it has always been, and will always be his sole prerogative to absolve any human being from the natural result of sin, which is eternal death.

[6] We believe that Jesus Christ is soon to return to this earth as the bible explicitly states, and that when he appears, it will be a public event that will be witnessed by every living person at the same time.

[7] We believe that the dead are in an unconscious state until the voice of the son of God calls them to life again; and that immortality is a gift from God, not an inherent characteristic of human nature or existence.

[8] We believe that the seventh day of the week,  (known as Saturday) has always been, and will Always be God’s holy rest day.

[9] We believe that any attempt to legalize the transfer of the sacredness of the seventh day of the week to Sunday will culminate in a final conflict on this earth between the commandments of God and the institutions of men.

[10] We believe that our bodies are the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, and as such should be cared for in accordance with the instructions given in the scriptures.

[11] We believe that the bible remains the rule and guide of life for all people even though God has given to each one the freedom of choice.

[12] we believe that God will one day put an end to sin permanently, and that every human being born with the freedom to choose is the arbiter of his or her own destiny.